Susanville Needs & SN Admins

This topic I thoroughly enjoy.

If there is one post on that page you may think is funny, read it while you can because the admins are like nazis and will immediately delete your post. Or when people start talking shit in the comments usually the admins will delete the entire post.

Example: “Whoever you are in the black truck that cut me off in the IGA parking lot needs to learn how to drive”

Yeah that post had a lot of comments back and forth, and what do you know, within half an hour the post was deleted.

And seriously, I see so many posts of people trying to sell their “makeup collections” or whatever it is that they try selling, since they are working for a bigger company trying to sell their products locally.

People will also ask a serious question like “what caused the bowling alley to burn down” and say bye-bye to that post because the admins deleted it since it was “irrelevant” to the rule of buying/selling items only.

Do they not realize they have almost 13k members and it is a tool to help the community interact online? No they just like to ruin something that works perfectly fine.

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The Amount of Pregnant Teenagers is Ridiculous

I really do not know if this is something that is only really apparent here, or if it’s like this everywhere. But it’s over the top and ridiculous.

Ever since I was in High School I was always able to spot the pregnant chicks in School and wonder where did they go wrong. It really is a shame, many young girls are getting knocked up by piece of shit fathers, and all in all, these “parents” are anywhere from 16-19 with no real sense of the world.

I mean they are still living with their parents and attending school (unless it’s half ass charter school, post on this later) are having these kids. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to have a kid who at 16 is living in my home and has a kid. Seriously I’d be a grandpa while my kid was in high school.

Now I blame the girls mostly, they are so fucked in the brain it’s crazy. Again I only think this is around Susanville but I’ll post on this at a later time outlining why I think that.

Girls go to a party, get too drunk, get knocked up, and next thing you know they have the kid with a father nowhere in sight. Don’t you think that is a little fucked? Then again… mommy was stupid and dealt with  the wrong people. I’ve even seen one poor girl where she got knocked up by some 30ish year old guy yet she is only 17. WTF is that??

Now the daddies are also fucking morons. They have no money (which they more than likely would rather spend on weed, which is also fucking stupid), so they knock an innocent girl up, don’t attend any of the ultrasounds, and some just bail town. I have seen that four times within the past year it’s quite sad.

Granted like every other side of the story there are good people. I know a really good father of his daughter and the mother is some methed out tweaker. He has a job and is taking care of things while the mom is fucking off and trying to prevent him from seeing his kid which is fucked up in its own respect. And the teen mothers who have kids, they struggle but they do pull through, and I respect them in that case. I’m not going to agree with everything that they did but it is what it is, you know?

Would I recommend talking about these pregnant chicks on facebook or something? No. Don’t go around spewing shit about an individual or their story, and usually they all have a friend that will hunt you down and fuck you up pretty good.

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Correctional Officers – Money, Medical Compouts

This is one thing shocking about this town.

Most of the population in Lassen County works in four different government organizations. You have HDSP (High Desert State Prison), CCC (California Department of Corrections),  Herlong Army Base, and the Herlong Federal Prison.

Everything I have heard and seen is from people who are/were employed by HDSP.

They complain about not making enough money when they “only” bring home $4,000 a month which is complete bullshit. What these people do not factor in is their benefits for medical, dental, eye care, retirement, etc. For a family of four the medical insurance the state pays every month is roughly $1,500-2,000 IN ADDITION to that $4,000 they bitch and moan about. If they were having to pay that much out of the 4K, I could see them complaining. And if that isn’t good enough they can work some overtime.

This and most out there are horrible at saving money with a logic of “every cent I make I spend” and do so by buying vehicles from Wheels West or Susanville Auto Center and walk out spending $60k+ on a jacked up Ford F250 pickup.

Next are the comp-outs. Some of these people are liars and crooks that want to live off the system and make YOU pay for it in your taxes. For an example, one guy comped out for “back pain” yet the dude is still climbing up ladders and doing all this other stuff he shouldn’t be capable of doing since “his back is broken” yet he stays at home all day sitting on his ass receiving a $2,000 check every month for medical comp-out.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some good people employed at HDSP, but do know that there are people out there that waste your tax dollars, and there is certainly more than one person doing this.

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The Worst Fast Food Restaurant (Wait Times)

This award gladly goes to the Susanville Taco Bell located in the Safeway shopping center.

Why does it suck? You can expect to spend your entire lunch break waiting to get your food after you purchased your meal. Yes the food is tasty, but the wait is ridiculous. And better yet – it’s not only like this at lunch time, it’s like that if you are there at 8am or 10pm. I have never been to a Taco Bell where the wait has taken so long.

If you are just a traveler or a longtime resident, pretty much any other fast food restaurant will serve you food much quicker.

So who has the shortest wait times? I have to give this to McDonalds – which happens to be right across the street from Taco Bell!


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I started this website after being fed up with this area, and it all has to relate to people. Read along for more info about Susanville!

Sorry if you get offended, but this page is pretty much the truth about Susanville, I’ve grown up here my entire life and I bring up topics that are very true!

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