Susanville Needs & SN Admins

This topic I thoroughly enjoy.

If there is one post on that page you may think is funny, read it while you can because the admins are like nazis and will immediately delete your post. Or when people start talking shit in the comments usually the admins will delete the entire post.

Example: “Whoever you are in the black truck that cut me off in the IGA parking lot needs to learn how to drive”

Yeah that post had a lot of comments back and forth, and what do you know, within half an hour the post was deleted.

And seriously, I see so many posts of people trying to sell their “makeup collections” or whatever it is that they try selling, since they are working for a bigger company trying to sell their products locally.

People will also ask a serious question like “what caused the bowling alley to burn down” and say bye-bye to that post because the admins deleted it since it was “irrelevant” to the rule of buying/selling items only.

Do they not realize they haveĀ almost 13k members and it is a tool to help the community interact online? No they just like to ruin something that works perfectly fine.

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