Correctional Officers – Money, Medical Compouts

This is one thing shocking about this town.

Most of the population in Lassen County works in four different government organizations. You have HDSP (High Desert State Prison), CCC (California Department of Corrections),  Herlong Army Base, and the Herlong Federal Prison.

Everything I have heard and seen is from people who are/were employed by HDSP.

They complain about not making enough money when they “only” bring home $4,000 a month which is complete bullshit. What these people do not factor in is their benefits for medical, dental, eye care, retirement, etc. For a family of four the medical insurance the state pays every month is roughly $1,500-2,000 IN ADDITION to that $4,000 they bitch and moan about. If they were having to pay that much out of the 4K, I could see them complaining. And if that isn’t good enough they can work some overtime.

This and most out there are horrible at saving money with a logic of “every cent I make I spend” and do so by buying vehicles from Wheels West or Susanville Auto Center and walk out spending $60k+ on a jacked up Ford F250 pickup.

Next are the comp-outs. Some of these people are liars and crooks that want to live off the system and make YOU pay for it in your taxes. For an example, one guy comped out for “back pain” yet the dude is still climbing up ladders and doing all this other stuff he shouldn’t be capable of doing since “his back is broken” yet he stays at home all day sitting on his ass receiving a $2,000 check every month for medical comp-out.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some good people employed at HDSP, but do know that there are people out there that waste your tax dollars, and there is certainly more than one person doing this.

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